Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Silicon Valley

Who: Saia and Gabriel
What: Two people from TC have been selected to go somewhere
Where: At California
When: In the term two holidays

Writing: People from around New Zealand got selected to go to America and see all the different kind of company. There were two college boys that got selected from tamaki college to go see all of the famous companies at America. There names were Saia and Gabriel they got a chance to go see all of the company like Google. They traveled from New Zealand to California in the term two holidays.

If I got selected to go and see my favorite company I would want to got to microsoft. It would have to be Microsoft because of all the technology and what they have created. Microsoft is the best company that makes technology and is the first company to make the first ever computer. I would go to Microsoft because I love to game and that's why I would go to Microsoft.

They had told us about their trip in the holidays and how it went and they showed some photos. They had visited some places that I haven't seen or held about before and I was a chance to learn about the company's. The most place I would be insteaded is Xero a company that I haven’t held of and that really got me thinking why X then Z.

The place I know the most is got to be Google, Facebook, Microsoft and heaps more. Google is the company that I know the most I can see it most of the time when i’m on my device. Google is the biggest company in the world they are known for all the creative things that they have done. People from around the world know these company and are using all the things that they make.

There were 8 students selected from New Zealand to go to California and they needed to write a letter why they want to go. Saia and Gabriel were some lucky teenagers to get selected because a lot of people write a note as well but didn’t make it.

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