Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Immersion Assembly

Popular artist Queen’s song We are the Champions was blazing through the whole school and people didn’t know what top pick that this terms is gonna be . This term theme is We Are The Champions and it stands for all of the New Zealanders going to represent New Zealand at the Olympics. Something great happened to Pt england Mr Burt had returned from traveling around the world to take some lessons for the school.

Team 1 was focused on having a healthy body for the Olympics  and showing what we shouldn't have for the Olympics. Miss George was giving out question’s to ask the school what to have if we end up in the Olympics doing one of the sports. Mr Burt was giving out chocolate on behalf of Miss George and giving them out every time a person got the question right. Team 2’s theme was all about the different kind of sports that girl’s can do. They showed Soccer, Boxing, Swimming and also running and there had called their movie The princesses of G.I.

Team 3’s item for this term is all about getting questioned about the different kind of olympics sports. They had showed the whole school a Pt England make family feud and had the The corridor Teacher’s vs The Pavilion Teachers. The Question on the board was what are all the sports that have water included init. The other question was who holds the New Zealand flag for NZ and not that much people hold the New Zealand Flag.

Team 4 is focused about how people are pulling out of the Olympics because of the zika verus and they don’t want to get infected by the zika. But first they are looking at all the kind of sports are in the Olympics and then they are going to search and find out why these players are pulling out of the Olympic games. Team 4’s teachers are Mr Somerville, Miss Lavakula, Miss Moula, Mr Goodwin and Mr Baxindine.

Team 5 walked onto the stage confident ready to perform their item for this term. Miss Tele’a was the host of the event and the other teachers were included in the Olympic games. Miss berry, Miss Clark and Mr Wiseman were doing gymnastics and they all did different kind of styles. They used balls, hula hoops and ribbon and stick for there perforomist. The first person to perform was Miss Berry and she was representing Australia and did the perforomist with a ball. We had judges and I was one of them and we give Miss Berry a 5/20 and then Miss Clark was up next. Miss Clark is representing America or other works Usa and using a hula hoop for her perforomist. The judge ended up giving Miss Clark a 11/20 and was leading with 11 points. And the last to perform Mr Wiseman and he is representing New Zealand and did a the perforomist with a ribbon on stick and was jumps everywhere. Miss Wiseman got a straight 2 10’s and got a 20/20 and won the Olympic gymnastics.

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