Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Whats boring?

Chapter 1 What's boring

Ring! The bell went and everybody went to class everyone got their devices and started working BOOM! the teacher already snapped max doing  what he was not suppose to do. "Hi am Max I am 13 year old and I go to RWM that's my school It stand's for Reading, Writing and Maths"." I don't know what to do sometime's because nobody like's me and I never get help because am older now and I have to do it by my myself."

I got a school that's very good there are lot's of brainy people in my school am going to college next year and am not brainy sometime I think that every think is boring". "Am got lot's of thinks that I know and there not working thinks there free think's like playing games and lot's more".
"I always play on games because I do not know what to and I always get in to very big trouble and go to the office and sit there for the hole playtime and not talk and have fun I just wish that I was brainy so I don't get in to trouble.

"I got a laptop it school because were one of the riches school in the world and we can buy lot's of thinks that we learn on we are lucky that's we have money or  if we did not have money we will be one of the poorest schools in the world"." Am just worried that I will not get a job when I grow and be poor and have no money and maybe die and if I do I will never come back". "How can I be rich when I am not brainy and cool am got nobody and am not brainy what can I do am boring thats why people don't like me because am boring.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Goodbye to 2014

This is a good bye to 2014 I had fun playing with new friends that I made this year it's been hard trying so hard and I did it. When I turn year six I will be in a different class and make more new friend but it's hard to not go back and go on. It will make me cry when I don't come back because all the fun I had this year was epic and wish goodbye. Making new friends for me is a cool thing to do and its fun and friends help everybody. I will cry when my Chromebook is gone because it's the best thing am worked on before and I will miss my Chromebook. I will miss my teachers because there always been there for me and I like it because they help when am in trouble. I will miss 2014 and keep all the fun things am done with everybody in the class I was in. And merry Christmas.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

My 2014 Reflection

This is my first year using a Chromebook and I am learning more fun things all ready. Am been working with Mr Somerville when I started with my Chromebook it the start of a year 5 for maths. For writing and literacy I was working with Miss Jacobson and when it was the third term I moved to Mr Somerville. And Mr Somerville is sometimes funny and is a cool teacher to meet with and a helpful guy to ask for help.

ZackI'm very happy that I made it into the top maths class in year six and five I was happy because I was with Mr Somerville for maths too. Maths is my favourite thing to do when I'm it school because maths is fun to me because it gives me a challenge. And I like having to challenge because it makes me better it what I do and when I'm working on something It will help me progress.

My next goal is to do good it sports and improve to it sports that I have never done before. Playing sports is fun and cool because I like getting, fit so I come first for something. Coming first is very cool because you go to place’s your never been to and you can vs other people from different schools. And I want to improve that I can do sports and have fun.  

This year I will miss being a year 5 but I will still be in the same class and go on to a year 6 and have fun. This year very made me happy playing with year 6 going on to year 7 and good bye to 2014 and go on to 2015.      

Monday, 8 December 2014


Have you played Minecraft before because Minecraft its a game were you can craft. But there is something called a mob and thats a monster and they are spiders' zombies' skeleton' ender men and creepers so back away from them. There is two way to not see them go make a bed or put it on peacefull.