Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Zacks Survival Video

Zacks Animals Survial from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is my hyperstudio I have been learning about animals survival and this is my stack about animals that try to adapt. My animals that are trying to adapt are wolfs and a polar bear and they have to survival in the opponent habitat. I hope you enjoy my movie.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Kawau Island poster

This is my Kawau island poster and its telling you how much hours or minutes it take to get from my school Point England to Kawau island. We will be using a bus and ferrie to get to Kawau island.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Google 3D Cardboard

This is one of the greatest creation from Google that has been made because it made people to see everything in 3D. When you put it on it feel’s like you're in a different dimension you can look around and discover new things using the app made by google. If you want one of these you have to have the app, a smartphone, and the google cardboard box. If you try this you can look down and then you look around to see things and every find history. And don’t try to stand and walk because you can fall or hit something or somebody or you can break your phone when you fall down. So make sure you sit down and move around slowly but you can stand and walk around slowly.

Kauwau Island History

Kauwau Island is one of the largest island in Hauraki Gulf. Kawau is one of the most beautiful islands of the Hauraki Gulf and one of the richest in history. In one fact that Kauwau Island was named after Kawau Paka. The main creatures on kauwau Island were Weka and Wellebies and there names both start with the letter W. There all kind of creatures all around kawau Island Gannets, Caspian Tern, Oystercatchers and others.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Lesson For Today

This is my lesson that  I have learnt off maths whizz and have showin you how
to get the answer. It is very easy because your looking at the answers 1, 5, 10
and 20 its that easy.I hope you have learnt alot of maths from my lesson.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Genis Plans

Chapter 5 Evil Twin
Image result for Devil
The gang had travelled to Paris to discover the demon that was released from the devils coffin. There was a gang of teenagers playing around with coco cola and suddenly one of the boys shook there drink and some of it spilt out and reached the coffin. Some of the drink fell into the mouth of the devil and started its life again. It dug its way out and managed to kill a lot of people around Paris.  A lady called Eve captured it and recorded it all on her phone, that's where we can see proof of the demons face. She sent it too one of her good friend Max who is a very special hunter to try and catch it.
Max got the video and was very shocked that there was a demon on the lose and on a killing spree. He followed up on some stories and books on how to kill the demon.

If they wanted to kill this beast I will need weapons they will have to ask a legend that has been crafting weapons for has life he can craft swords stronger than anything. We must get there before the demon gets there and kills him and when he dies our hope is gone and when hope is gone the world will fall into that hands of the devils son. The gang had got a lift from Adams dad and took them there fast and got there before that demon they had asked to do the strongest sword that they can make and made it on time and  when the demon entered the shop they had back stabbed the demon and send it back to the graveyard to rest in peace.

Image result for DevilThey had travelled back to NZ because there were no red dots on the radar which means that there are no missions to do so they can go home peacefully and rest for other missions they get for next time. 25 minutes later " Mum am home" said Sky but mum did not reply sky rushed into the house and saw has evil twin brother Noah. Sky looked on the ground and saw blood and saw has mum dead.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Chocolate Game

Image result for ChocolatePlan:
- Intro: What, where, when, who
Choc game, in class with my friends, Mr S first day back,

- 2nd Para: Rules

- 3rd Para:  Strategies,
People Eating the Chocolate bar

- Conclusion: Me finishing the chocolate

CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE!!!! Do you like chocolate? On Mr Somerville’s first day back he wanted to surprise us with his own invented game called the chocolate game. For people that don’t know have to play you have to use fork, knife, plate, costume (like a hat and scarf) and a big chocolate bar. Meanwhile we were to wait until he had finished setting up the game so we can play it.

The rules:
If you wanted to have a piece of chocolate you will have to get a six to eat a piece but first you have to dress up then eat it with a knife and fork. You can not pick it up with your hands and eat it.That's why the knife and fork are there to use. You have to roll the dice properly so your not cheating. Have fun.

Later on Bradly was to roll the dice because he was chosen to roll it first. He had to roll the dice so we can start the game and try to get a six so we can eat as many pieces as we can. Kids we trying strategies to get a six but it was useless because no one was getting it until lomio got a six. He had to cut into the chocolate with the knife and fork to have a piece but then he was out someone had rolled a six and got him out. People were trying to cheat like TJ because he very wanted every piece of chocolate on the plate. I keeped on try to get a six but it useless I keeped on getting 5, 1, 3 and others.

I WAS SO MAD because I keeped on getting 5, 1, 3 it was not my day today but hope was still in the air as when I got a six and there were not that much chocolate to eat. But when I got the costumes on I ate the first two then then did a big cut and all the pieces came apart and just eat all of them and finished the game off.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Maths Problem Solving

This is my Maths problem solving and have used fractions in my maths problem to find out what the answer is to the question. In the first question I have used fraction to find out the answer to question one. In
the next question I have sub the answer to find out what the answer so I sub 126 to 7/9 that = 98 so the answer is 98.

Maths Problem Solving

This is my Maths problem solving and have used fractions in my maths problem to find out what the answer is to the question. In the first question I have used fraction to find out the answer to question one. In
the next question I have sub to find out what the answer is first I sub than I divided 8 to 24/8 = 1/3 so the answer 1/3.

Maths Problem Solving

This is my Maths problem solving and have used fractions in my maths problem to find out what the answer is to the question. In the first question I have used fraction to find out the answer to question one. In
the next question I have sub 19 and 9 that = 10 so the answer is 9/10.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

All Blacks Vs France

Screenshot 2015-10-19 at 10.15.12.pngOn Sunday morning at 8.00am Me and my family watched a game against the MIGHTY ALL BLACKS and France. This Game was one of the top history games in the world. The MIGHTY ALL BLACKS and France were playing in England for the quarter finals. When the game started the first thing that the All Blacks did was the BEST HAKA I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! The haka was so AWESOME!! When the game started the All Blacks had to kick off first. When France caught the ball they started to run it up to Julian savea picked him up and dumped him to the ground and he lost the ball and Julian savea got over him and took the ball off him. And the Score was 62-13 to the all blacks.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Holiday

Image result for Bike Ride

Guess what I did in the holidays? I went for a bike ride with my brothers at the  playground, by Tamaki College, to have fun. After we went to my nana's and then we stopped at the shop for a ice cream and ate it at the shop and then got started riding back home. When we got back home we started to relax on the chairs because the bike ride was very long for everybody.

Image result for Mega ZoneOn Sunday we got dressed to go to MegaZone for the last day of the holidays. We choose to do laser tag in the maze. We were put into three groups the groups were Yellow, Green and Blue. I got put into yellow with my brothers and dad to beat the other teams in the maze. When we got into the maze we were smashing it we were shooting all the teams base’s and bonuses around the maze to get more points. When we finished we came out to see the scoreboard we came first out of all the teams and best of all I come first in our team.

Image result for rock climbing
After we did that we went to rock climbing for my little brother so he can have fun on the playground at the kids arena. We were been teached by a staff member to help as put on the belts so we can hook it on to the rope so we can climb. I had climbed up to the top of the wall and had jumps back down when I jump I was thinks that it will go too fast. Back it turned out that it was just right and then when I got down my brother wanted to play on the playground. We had Fun going to MegaZone and Rock Climbing.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My Maths Teacher Lesson

This is my maths teacher lesson I have done myself and have been using
time tables to find the answer. For this question to find the answer I have
time's 3 x 7 = 21
21 x 4 = 84.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Market Day!!!!!!

Image result for Drawing MarketThis term I have become super rich! I have Designed, made and sold my very own product for heaps of money at the market!. For trade and enterprise we have been learning to make a profit. I got selected to join the toys group and make toys. I have made a rubber band gun out of popsicle sticks with my business partner adam.

Did you know why we're having a market day? We’re having a market day because we are wanting to sell our own Products. Trade and Enterprise is all about selling and buying and using money.
The trade and Enterprise groups were Kitchen, Toys, customized stationery, Homeware, Jewellery, Musical instruments. I was placed in the Toys group, with my leader Mr Bax.

When the market started we all had to set up to sell our products. There were groups in the year 5 block and in the year 6 block. It was crazy all the products were getting brought very fast by the kids, it got more  packed when the visitors from christchurch came to buy some items, almost everything was sold out!!!.

When customers came over we showed them what we were selling, how to use the product and what was used to make the product. We managed to upsell our product from 1TP to 2TP.

I really enjoyed market day, i learnt a lot from this experience, and i hope that the customers enjoyed their products that they brought. d

Maths Problem Solving

This is my Maths problem solving and I am finding out how to get the answer to
the question. In the first question I have been going backwards to find the answer
for question 1. in the next on I have done the same thing and have gone backwards.

Maths Problem Solving

This is my maths problem solving and in this problem solving we are learning about time tables to find out the answer to the question. In the first question we are using time tables and adding to find out the answer for this question. In the next one we are using tables and adding again still to find out the answer to this question 1.
5 x 1 = 5
5 x .45 = 2.25  
5 + 2.25 = 7.25

My Feeling

Zacks Feeling from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is my hyperstudio I have been learning about people and others feeling and this is my stack about feeling. When he was walking he dropped his money when he was on his way to rainbows end and used his feeling to find it.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Maths Problem Solving

This is my maths problem solving and I have been working on this at home by myself and finding out what the answer to the question. In the first one I have been dividing and adding and have been using decimals to find out the answer to the question. In the next question I have been dividing and adding again to find the answer on this and have done the same thing.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Maths Problem Solving

This is my maths problem solving for this week and have been given 2 question
to solve. In the first one I have been dividing in this one to find the answer and
have been dividing the question in half. In the next one I have done dividing again
in half but have done it a different way.

Maths Teachers Lesson

This is my maths Teachers Lesson and my teacher given as a lesson
about adding instead of subtracting.We have been given question to
solve and have been solving it with decimals.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Fitness Advice

Walt: think critically about what we read.

This is me and my friend T.Js fitness advice and we were send a email from James Abel saying " I do not know what watch is better out of the Garmin or the fit-bit. We have been searching on the fit-bit the most because it have more rating stars then the Garmin. We watch both of the clips and found out that the g=Garmin was better it had waterproof and more than the fit-bit.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Trade and Enterprise

Guest what our topic for this team it is all about learning about trade and enterprise. Trade and Enterprise is all about learning to create or sell a products that we are designing and making. As part of the topic we were put into groups of 6 to design or make our product for this term.

A trade fair is all about selling what you have made or what your product is all about. A trade fair is all about seeing what other people have created for other people to see so they can buy it. It our trade fair we use Pts or Pcs to buy what they have at the trade fair.

Zack: When I picked my choices for the groups I got picked to join the toy’s group and our leader was Mr Bax. I have teamed up with my friend adam and have been working on a rubber band gun. We have picked a rubber band gun because we know most of the boys will come to our product because they like guns.

Lomio: I wasn’t here on the first day and When I first got my first group there were called custom stationery and our leader was Mr Goodwin. I have teamed up with Mo and Muba and me and my friends have been working on door hanger’s. We have picked door hangers because we know that some boys and girls would like to put them on there door knobs cause sometimes there are like busy.

Image result for door hangersWhen we first got our very first bank account we started with 20 Pcs. And every day that we come to school it gives us another 20 Pcs. 20 Pcs in Nz dollar is 40 cents and twice the Pcs. There are 4 different Pcs and Pts 20 and 50 Pcs and the Pts are 1 Pt and 2 Pt. 1 pt is worth 2 Nz Dollars and 2 Pt is worth 4 dollars.

I’m really looking ford to our market day coming up in 3 weeks!. I am hoping to make lots of PTs with my friend adam with our product. It going to been hard work in the 3 weeks making and creating products for the market.