Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Genius's plan's

chapter 3 The maze

Wake up wake up wake up!!!" shouted Adam " it's time Sky were it Australia" replied Adam "lucky we packed a bottle of water said Sky " sorry sky there's no water I drank it all because you sleeped for a long time" Adam "what did you do!! why did you not wake me up." " Because you sleeped to long and you didn't wake up when a called you" Adam said with a anger face " Come on lit's go". When a car was coming pass Sky thought it was funny to pull out his gun and made the driver run away and he did it " why did you do that Sky" Said adam " Because I won't to get to the city faster".

10 Minutes later "Freeze police here gave the car back to the man" Why were FBI's from New Zealand" said sky " we don't like New Zealanders" Adam and Sky pulled out there gun's and dropped them "get on the ground" boom!!! a dart come out of nowhere and shoot all the police. "Who are you" said Sky "I'm Rosie from NZ FBI" " Me and Adam work there too" said sky " what's you name" said Rosie "Sky" Said Sky come with as we have a mission to complete OK. "Come on get in the car let go find this victim" said Adam " Sky I can see the city" said Rosie "Ono the car's out of fuel" said Adam  " Lucky we have a fuel it the boot.

"There all done let's get to the city and when we get there we will get a feed" said Sky " good get in the car I like food" said Adam " stop being a pig" said Sky "no your a pig" "no your a pig".... " "stop it" shouted Rosie " were here lit's get a feed. "Yummy this fish is yum" said Adam " see I told you he's a pig Rosie whisper sky "Will you do have to survive this world to live" said Rosie "come on let's go and what were you chating about" said Adam " nothing" said Rosie and Sky. "Let's get a move on 5.32 pm "ono it a maze how are we going to pass this it's to far and the car can't fit" said Sky and Adam OK lit's walk's" said Rosie " Are you crazy" said Sky and Adam " no" said Rosie " But there's trap's around the maze" said Adam " man up Adam" said sky "OK" And they walked in.

                                                  To be continued 


Being a good pt englander

“ Did you know that pasting the hard thing is not that easy because today we are going to be telling you about it” so if you don’t know the answer get help from someone ask a parent’ a brine kid or a tethera. So if you won’t to past don’t talk to friend’s because you will keep focus and get a high score and high score’s can lead you to somewhere lucky. You can get a good job and be famous and maybe become a really good thing.

“Have you been doing the right thing because if not you are in trouble today” Doing the right thing means being good, being nice to vicerter and making no trouble. Being good can not get you into fight’s and bad thing’s with is not nice. Being nice to vicerter’s show that you're not bad and making bad choices but if you do that’s making you look embarrassed.

“Please can you move that’s how you be polite to people” Being polite is not easy you have to say please’ thank you and saying their name. “Can I please have a drink” “ok” “thank you” that’’s how you be polite when you won’t something. Say there name’s are good because if you not say it right like this a girl come here that wrong.

“Doing your homework can be everywhere as longer if you got internet it home” but it’s more better it school. When you start your homework it’s easy but it get’s hard every time so it’s better when you keep on you're going. But if you need help ask a parent or a tethera they will help you out get it right.

Born to weave

Have you read born to weave before because today I read it. I made a presentation showing photo's but not that many word's in this presentation. If you liked it please leave a comment if you like my presentation.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Genis plan's

Chapter 2  To Australia 

"Adam do you want to join the FBI" said Sky " of course " Adam replied " what's your hobby" Said sky " it's science" "oh that's why you worked for Gabriel." " Come we don't have many time to talk we need to book a plane to Australia" "OK let's go" " hope in the car fast". 3 Hour's later "finally were it the airport are you hungry" " of course" " let's get a bugger king.
"Yummy that was yum" " come on we need to book a plane" "wait one more bit" "come on there no time" 
" Sky sky come in help were under attack there no time continue your journey" Said the leader. "Come in leader come in no" "come on let's book the plane" 1 hour later. " " Hi can we book a plane to Australia" " OK that 50$.

"50$ OK we will give 50$" "you can go inside the plane now" " OK ". "Adam here's a FBI gun come let's go to sleep in the plane it night now". "OK" come sleep over have so we don't get lose in the plane" "Hi can weget two pillow and two blanket" " thank you come on let's go sleep.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hat Explanation

Did you know that it’s good to stay in the shade. If you don’t you will get cancer and that’s bad. So you need sunblock, a hat And sunglasses.

If you look at the sun without sunglasses you might get blind.That’s why you were sun glasses  is important because it keeps your eyes safe. Sunglasses improves comfort and visibility the sun is bright then anything else. That's why you wear some sun glasses when the sun is bright in your eyes it will bounces back off like a mirror when you wear sun glasses.

Sunblock is use for you face and there are different kind of sunblock like sunscreen. If you don’t have sunblock go to the pool’s because it’s not hot there. And when you finished you can go buy some for next time. When you go to the beach you always wear sunblock to keep safe and not get cancer.

When the sun is out hat’s can be use to be safe in the sun. Well bucket hat’s are more better it can keep your neck, nose, face, hair and ear’s. Hat’s are good for hot day it can help stay safe. If you don’t have a hat you will get sunburnt and that no good.

Staying safe in the sun can be hard  so if you don’t want cancer wear a hat, sunblock and sunglasses if needed. Sunglasses can keep you safe of the sun and hat’s can be use in the sun and sunblock can help too in the sun.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My commonwealth games

Zack's commonwealth games from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Hi this is my commonwealth games it's running with wealth's. It will come out in 2018 commonwealth game. There are not that many countries England come first and aus come 2nd but nz come 9th. They never come 1st, 2nd or 3nd I hope you like my moive  

My hoilday's

.p1.Guess what I did in the holidays it was so boring we were cleaning for all the most of the day but it was a treat to play the PS4. The most horrifying problem was that we had to clean the dirtiest parts in the house. It was not that hard but there was one and it was to clean the toilet it didn't smell very nice. To be continued

.p2.But me manger to finish it but it was the last draw to do on the list. We play the PS4 for more than hour about 4 hours it was so cool. Guess what we played call of duty ghost we were having so much fun that we lost the game .

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