Monday, 26 June 2017

Multiplication Pyramid

Hi guys in this piece of work I have done a multiplication pyramid. I have solved 6 of the top number. It was really hard to get the top one. I even had to solve it on a bigger doc. It was a hard piece of work and I worked with my friend Tidus. We had problem solving it out but we managed to solve it out.

Here is our working out.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Term 2 Inquiry Project

 This term me and my team have been working on a project for this term. We had to make a model about what we thought that might help the school. We have been robbed 3 times by people in our area. So me and my team thought that we needed to upgrade our security because our security is really bad. Here some images of what our model look like.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Decimal Word problems

Hi guys in this presentation I have done every question with my friends Tidus.
We have solved it out and made solutions for every slide for did. Comment if
you think I have a question wrong because it would really help me out.
Thank You.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Hi guys and in this presentation I have been working with my friend Tidus and
we did all the questions. If we have a question wrong don't be scared to
comment down below because it could help us out.


Hi guys in this presentation I have done it all in one day with my friend and we
challenge each other to see who's the fastest. We ended up drawing and it was
great. Comment down below to and tell me if I got a question wrong.

Thank you PEACE

Sniff, Swing, Swipe

Hi guys in this presentation I have been working on reading and it is all about a
zoo and the animals. Some kids from different school have planned something
for the animals. It is toys that they will create for them because the animals look

Unuseless Inventions

Hi guys and in this piece of work that I have done. I have been reading about
great inventions that may be used in the future and they look great.

Data Usage

Hi guys this is my work and its called Date usage and in it had my maths work
that I solved out. If I have some question wrong help and comment down below
and help me out.

Healing honey

Hi guys I have been working about and learning about healing honey this week.
It has a lot of information about honey that can heal sores and people or are