Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Add/Sub 2

This is my add and sub year 8-2 that I have done, I have done all 
of the slides on the presentation. The first slide was the hardest one 
that I had to do and the rest were easy ones for me. I hope you like 
my work.


This is my add and sub yr 8-1 that I have done, I have done all of the slides on
the presentation. The first slide was the hardest one that I had to do and the rest
were easy ones for me. I hope you like my work.

Monday, 19 September 2016


This is my think-board that I have done and the strategy that I used is partitioning. I have done all four of them and have did my word story problem. The word story problem has gold as a example.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Show not tell

This is my show not tell planning that I have done I have done all of them and
have created a made up story. Show not tell is when you write something that
makes the read think is it showing something not telling.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Squad Goalz

This is my group that is called Squad Goals with a z and we this is a presentation
about what sport we have chosen. The names under our name is the people who
helped do all the work and put on link and videos. Our sport that we have done
is soccer. Soccer is a very popular sport that people go to watch and they only
just kick the ball and have to get it in the goal past the goalkeeper.

If you can see the first slide is our link and video slide and you can go and see
what kind of links and videos we put on. The links show information about the
history of soccer and how it was created. If you picked to watch the videos
you can see a lot of famous soccer players on them.

The next one is about what food or diet that have daily because people don't
even know what does a soccer player eat. Well soccer players like to eat a
lot of fruits and vegetables because it can make them fast and can make them
travel up to 5 kilometre a half. Bale the fastest a right wing and the worlds
fastest soccer player eats a lot of fruit and vegetables.

The equipment they use are very helpful and can keep them safe from getting
hurt. There are some more slides that you need to go look at because that
have a lot of information about soccer. When your done I hope you like what
me and my team or group Squad goalz have done.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


This is my mult/div presentation and I have done all of it and it took a hole week
to do it. The last two page's were my favourite because it was easy and I could
do it very fast. I hope you like it.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Think-board Master

This is my think-board I have done place value partitioning and have done all four of them. I hope you like my strategies and other more.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Olympic Maths

This is my Olympic Maths that I have done and I have complete every slide on
this. I have done it and have used the calculate to help me out on the last

The Case of the Phantom Tagger

The case of the phantom tagger is a story about a problem happening when
somebody tag's in the game area. 3 boys were in the gaming room and
inspectors Edwards was on a holiday and had to find out who tagged.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Ratio Practise

This is my Ratio Practise that I have been working on this week and I have
completed all of it. I have been working on ratios for a long time and i'm great it
ratios I hope you like it.

Ratios 1

This is ratio 1 and i have completed it this week and have done all the answers
in a week. I have done all of them saying ? to ? like 4 to 3 and there were other
ways but I didn't bother I hope you like my presentation.

Think-board Master

This is my think-board master and I have been working on it for a week I hope you like it. And I have done all four of them.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Think-board Master

This is my think-board that I have done this week and I have done all four of them. I have used a good way to solve out the question.

The Mobile Garden

I have read the book Mobile garden and the presentation that I have done is got
all the information that I need to complete. I have made my own mobile thing
and its on the last slide and its a siren that turned into a siren that moves around.

The lost boy

              Narrative writing

Harry Nelson the boy that everybody didn’t like. Harry Nelson tried to tell his friends he saw a Gray ghost but nobody believed him. Harry saw the ghost every night and was starting to get goosebumps just watching it. The ghost didn't harm harry at all but frightened him. Harry used a big fat old school camera to take a photo of the ghost but every photo he took it just took a photo of a background. Harry attempted everything to prove that the ghost was real but nothing worked. Harry had no playful friends by the time he was year 6 nobody wanted to play with Harry.

Harry had got smelly rubbish thrown at him every morning he arrived at school and Harry cried. Blue tears dripped down from his white cheeks every time he thought why he told them about the ghost. Harry always tried to hang out with his teachers because they were the only people to talk to. The teachers always helped Harry and tried make him some friends but it didn't work. Everyday school was bad and Harry didn’t go to school most of the time.

Harry was red angry and started to throw furniture at the ghost but made the ghost angry back. The ghost screamed at Harry and was not happy the ghost made Harry run around the house. After he lost the ghost he jumped into bed and had hid under the big green blanket and went to sleep. When harry got home he wanted to sleep with his parents but they wouldn’t let him sleep with them. Harry didn’t want to sleep in his bedroom but he had to and every day on the Gray scared Harry.

A really frecky man came to Harry's house and knocked on the door and said “ is Harry here.” Harry came to the door and asked what the man’s name was and the man said “Mark.” Mark said. “ "I heard that your have seen a ghost before” and Harry replied “yes that's right.” The man said he can help him stop seeing the ghost that frightens him every night. The man said he would teach him not to look or bother with the ghost and just sleep. Harry practise every night and started to get the hang of it. It had been 2 months and Harry had never seen the ghost again and slept peacefully. The End

Add and Sub

This is my add and Sub stage 7 and 8 and I have been working on this for a
week now. I have answered every single question and have used my maths book
that helps me solve the question.