Friday, 16 September 2016

Squad Goalz

This is my group that is called Squad Goals with a z and we this is a presentation
about what sport we have chosen. The names under our name is the people who
helped do all the work and put on link and videos. Our sport that we have done
is soccer. Soccer is a very popular sport that people go to watch and they only
just kick the ball and have to get it in the goal past the goalkeeper.

If you can see the first slide is our link and video slide and you can go and see
what kind of links and videos we put on. The links show information about the
history of soccer and how it was created. If you picked to watch the videos
you can see a lot of famous soccer players on them.

The next one is about what food or diet that have daily because people don't
even know what does a soccer player eat. Well soccer players like to eat a
lot of fruits and vegetables because it can make them fast and can make them
travel up to 5 kilometre a half. Bale the fastest a right wing and the worlds
fastest soccer player eats a lot of fruit and vegetables.

The equipment they use are very helpful and can keep them safe from getting
hurt. There are some more slides that you need to go look at because that
have a lot of information about soccer. When your done I hope you like what
me and my team or group Squad goalz have done.

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