Monday, 30 March 2015

Wonderful water

Walt:I was learning about what is a Macro invertebrate identify things and what it will look like if the water is clean or it is polluted. If the water is polluted we would not have water to drink and we may die because there will be a lot of bacteria in the water.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mālama Honua

Hokulea and Hikianalia are two Hawaiian waka that came from Hawaii and landed on Pt England beach. But unfortunately it rained and it got postponed and will be happening tomorrow for all the schools. There will be up to 2,000 children from schools in  GI including TC, Tamaki primary and Glenbrae and others.

JPEG ImageYesterday it happened! The whole school and nine other schools went to the beach to see the Hawaii crew that travelled all around the world. When they all got on to land we started to sing a greeting song to greet them coming in. After we sang they started to sing back to as and thank as for greeting them and then we sang again to them.

After this we all stopped and finished with a song. Then the little kids went down and shook their hands. We got to ask them questions and they told us what's been happening in their trip and going around the world. And then we got to say a goodbye to them and go back to school and go in the hall.
JPEG Image
To get to New Zealand from Hawaii in a plane it will be 7 hours to get to New Zealand. If we were sail to New Zealand it would take about two to three months. However, if the weather changes it will take up to four or five months. 

There is a famous Waka race in Hawaii and it's called the Queen of liliuokalani and people get invite to do it in the world. They have to race up to 26 Km and it will take about 2 hour and half.

Meeting the Malama Honua was cool because we to ask what cool things they had done all around the world.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 Camp


When the sun was rising the students of the yr 5 and 6 had camp for the start of the year. There was 12 student that got picked to be a leader for each team half boys and half girls and I got pink to be a leader and my was the Real Dealz. And then they told as what crew we had and had to draw out what song we are going to get for the dance performance.

I was very looking forward to kayaking and cooking because they are my favorite activities because I like being create and helpful when it comes to cooking some
times. Kayaking is my best activity of all times of camp because when my group
got there they took off there clothes ‘ put on the life jackets and got into the

When school finished all the camp groups got to play for 2 hours play lots of kind
games my best one was soccer because lots of people join and some teachers
played. There was Teeball’ Ripper tag’ soccer and got to play on the adventure
playground for four ground and two grounds go to the pools. When we got to
pools we had lots of time to have fun in the pool and do cool things with your
friend and others.

When it come to the last night we had to do a dance performance that we have been
training on and learn some chants to go with the dance. Each team had to perform
a dance and some chants with the dance to see what team will win the dance and
the whole camp. When it come to the judges the hosted squad were the winner and
my team came 2nd and true crew came 3nd.

The last day we went to manage pools for the last day of camp because it happens each year for the year five and six. First we had to line up and have a little bit of
food and then everybody jumped into the pools and went on lots of things that were
cool everybody was going on the slide. When they all opened up the bombing pool was packed with lots of people and didn’t did to have the many turn.            

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Omura creek

It pt England there is a creek name omaru creek we got invited to go to the creek
and see what was happening. When we got there we saw some different schools in
the area that were too. When it started the man was picking up rubbish and thrown
them to us and then a man came out of the tunnel. And then we keeped going and
then we we when done we had some free time.

The Duffy Show

The Duffy Show

On the second week of monday in 2015 all the yr3-8 all walked to the hall to see what was happening. When we got there we were surprised by some duffy people that was waiting for us to show their duffy show. As we sat down  they told us some really funny jokes to keep us company.

After they finish telling us there jokes they sang a song to us  then we joined them singing the song. After that they told us their names  they introduced themselves and told as their parts in the story .There were 2 girls there name was Sienna, Antonia and 1 boy and his name was Tj.  

When they were finished we all went back to class to get our bags and get ready to go home. Back first we needed to get some newspaper to know what was happening. And then our teacher is done giving out all the newspapers then he lets us go home.