Monday, 25 September 2017

Table-Master (7 Time Table)

This is my score from  table master he is here is the link
This is my time from table-master. If you don't know what table-master you have to do the time table and get to the finish line really fast. You must have a fast time to get into the top 5. I am 1st in 7 time tables and in front by a second. I was 3nd as well.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Blind tasting test challenge

Image result for blind tasting test-----------------------------------------------
This morning 6 students from room 4 got the chance to do the Blind Taste test challenge. This was apart of our Manaiakalani film. Unfortunately they didn't make the video because the film has to be 3 minutes. We had 40 minutes of footage from the rest of the students from room 4. Our Teacher Mrs Judd spent at least 5 to 7 hours editing the video. Today we watched the video and the students do the challenge. The food our teacher bought were food our class doesn't even know about. Nearly all of the foods had chinese writing on them. Most of them were yuck and disgusting foods from random shops over Auckland. We had spicy mango slices, lychee jelly, beans, nuts and some more random food. I thought we would get food similar to ones for really like for example cookies, lollies and chips. The students this morning were nervous and looked kind of scared. Each person was sitting on a desk waiting for Mrs Judd to put something there. Mrs Judd reached though her plastic bag and grabbed out something and put it out in front of them. They were all told to pick it up. They picked it up. They all played with it, smelted it and ate it. Some we scared when they touched it. They had 5 seconds to guess what the food was??? It was Dried Beans!!! They all took off there blind folds and was shocked. The next food they had was Spicy Mango Slices. Mrs Judd was scaring them by moving it on there hand. One of them jumped up in the air and screamed. They all picked it up and were afraid to eat it. They felt it and what it smelted like and then tasted it. They all guessed sugar lollies because of the sugar on it and how it tasted. So that was our Blind taste test challenge this morning.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Rotation (Transformation)

Rotation. I did a quiz on all about rotation.
These are photos of 2 of the answers I did. One is easy and the other is hard. The first photo is the easy question. We had 4 box's and had to pick 1. You had to solve it and click the right box. I was easy and I got the it right. The bottom photo was the hardest one out of them all. It was hard and I got the question wrong.

                                                                If you can solve the question comment down in the comments
                                                                down below.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Transformation (Quiz Photos)

 This week we are focusing on Transformation for math. This is photos of me doing quiz's on These photos are from two of the quiz's that I did. One is hard and the other is easy. In the bottom left thats an example of the score I got for one of the quizzes.