Monday, 20 November 2017

Athletes DAY!!!!

Athletes!!! Last week Friday it was athletes!!! Athletes is always a joyful day for all the students at Pt England. At 9:00 all students from Pt England lined up in their year levels. Year 1 boys & girls to year 8 boys & girls. We opened up athletes day with a pray and moved off to our rotations

The Year 8 headed off to Discs first, we all sat down on the grass and listened to Mr Somerville and told us how to hold the discs. When he finished Mr Somerville said if you want to do it for fun you can go to the left side, if you want to try out for Easton zone you can stay here with me. So most of us went to the left side and 3 or 4 students stayed with Mr Somerville.

Dodge Ball. As each team completed each activity it was time for dodge ball. This was one of my highlights for the day. Hine Moana won each round winning against Hikianalia and Hokule’a. Hine Moana had some great shooters. It was a great game that Hikianalia put up against Hine Moana. Hokule’a won their game against Te Aurere and moved on to the finals against Hine Moana. First it was the losers. Hikianalia and Te Aurere battled it out and Hikianalia. Then it was the final. Hine Moana and Hokule’a battled it out and Hine Moana came out on top.

It was our last activity that we had the 100 metre race. This is one of the main activities for athletes. As everyone lined up behind the starting line one by one they sat down in front or behind a person. I sat down in the first line with 8 other people. Mr Burt was waiting for us to stand up and get ready to race. It had started calling it out. Ready, set, GO!!!!. We took off and sprinted down the track. I ended up coming 3nd behind Lomio, Judah. Also John made it by coming 4th place behind me. This was also one of my favourite highlights of the day and one to remember.

As athletes was coming to an end. It was a day to remember since it was the last time the year 8’s would have athletes for Pt England School. Memories were made as everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun with each other.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Maths Problems

WALT: Solve math problems
This my piece of work I have been working on this week. In this presentation
I will be solving different types of math questions. The easiest question
probably has to be the first ones and the hardest question have to be the
BEDMAS one's.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Explanation writing

Greeting to all readers my name is Zackariah. I’m currently attending Point England school. I’m one of the House Captains for Hikianalia. I am the oldest sibling and have 3 younger brothers. I am half Niuean and half Cook Island.

It was that time of the year. School started again!!! I was finally a year 8. Leaders of the school. At the start of the year I was placed in Room 4 home class. We each introduced ourselves to the new students and teacher. My home class teacher was Mrs Judd.
Pt England school is both a Primary and Intermediate. There are 23 or more classes. My team only has 5 classes. Our focus for this term is Musical Madness. Our school is really great at sports, we end up always winning the eastern zone. This year our school won the Aims 7’s. We have won the Aims 7’s twice now. It has been 6 years ever since we put a team in again.

I am apart of Team 5. Team 5 are the leaders of the school. Team 5 is made out of year 7 & 8s. We only have 5 classes. There are 120 or more year 7 or 8 students . Some years 8’s are special leaders. They are Perfects and House Captains. I am one of the House Captains. Team 5 this term is working on making there own music using garageband. There job is to create their song or beats and put it with their animation.
Apparently this is our last year and we will be leaving Pt England to go collage. Being year 8 was great. I experienced what it feels like to be a leader of the school. It feels great and kind of prepares you for collage and what it really feels like to be a leader.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Word Problems

This week we have been working on word problems. It is the start of term 4.
Though each slide I have a solution to solving the problem. The answers are
at the end of the questions. In the last slide I had made those questions for my
friend Tidus to answer.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Catching Flounder

Early this morning 12 students from Team 5 got the chance to go catch Flounder. While they were setting up to catch the Flounder the rest of the school were have a morning assembly outside on the courts.  We started walking over after we had of team 5 assembly. When the whole school arrived Judah, Cameo, Heather and Hendrix were called up to start the Karakia. After we finished the Karakia Mr Burt was explaining to us what we will do when we get there. The morning assembly finished and the year 1 & 2's started walking over to the reserve following them were the rest of the school. When we arrived we saw the 12 students ready to catch the flounder. They had a huge net and some more equipment to help them catch the flounder. We couldn't see the other equipment because we were a far distance away from them. When we stopped we did 2 Waiata's to bless them and show them our support. We only stayed for 4 or 5 minutes and had to walk back. Our school started walking back to school. When we got to school. Team 5 sat in the street and had a few words from the teachers and how they though it was. Some people thought it was great some didn't. It would of been more fun if we stayed longer at the reserve watching them catch the flounder. 

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Monday, 25 September 2017

Table-Master (7 Time Table)

This is my score from  table master he is here is the link
This is my time from table-master. If you don't know what table-master you have to do the time table and get to the finish line really fast. You must have a fast time to get into the top 5. I am 1st in 7 time tables and in front by a second. I was 3nd as well.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Blind tasting test challenge

Image result for blind tasting test-----------------------------------------------
This morning 6 students from room 4 got the chance to do the Blind Taste test challenge. This was apart of our Manaiakalani film. Unfortunately they didn't make the video because the film has to be 3 minutes. We had 40 minutes of footage from the rest of the students from room 4. Our Teacher Mrs Judd spent at least 5 to 7 hours editing the video. Today we watched the video and the students do the challenge. The food our teacher bought were food our class doesn't even know about. Nearly all of the foods had chinese writing on them. Most of them were yuck and disgusting foods from random shops over Auckland. We had spicy mango slices, lychee jelly, beans, nuts and some more random food. I thought we would get food similar to ones for really like for example cookies, lollies and chips. The students this morning were nervous and looked kind of scared. Each person was sitting on a desk waiting for Mrs Judd to put something there. Mrs Judd reached though her plastic bag and grabbed out something and put it out in front of them. They were all told to pick it up. They picked it up. They all played with it, smelted it and ate it. Some we scared when they touched it. They had 5 seconds to guess what the food was??? It was Dried Beans!!! They all took off there blind folds and was shocked. The next food they had was Spicy Mango Slices. Mrs Judd was scaring them by moving it on there hand. One of them jumped up in the air and screamed. They all picked it up and were afraid to eat it. They felt it and what it smelted like and then tasted it. They all guessed sugar lollies because of the sugar on it and how it tasted. So that was our Blind taste test challenge this morning.