Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Holy Sprites

Chapter 1 Rin Okumura  
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Rin Okumura was poor and lived in a church. He had a twin brother named Yukio Okumura they watched the stars to see if there mother was there. There mother made a sacrifice to give birth to Rin and Yukio. There dad had took great care of them and raised them. There dad was the first paladin in all church. He had seen a lot of demons around the church and had killed a lot. When Rin was born he had big ears, sharp teeth and blue fire glowed around him. The father said that Rin might be a demon but they were all focused on Rin that Yukio did wasn't glowing. There had found out that there mum was a demon. Yukio had his dad side and didn't glow but inside of him was a devil ready to come out.

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