Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My designed Flag

In this activity I did I have designed a flag. This is a bonus activity. I like the design of this flag because it looks cool and funky. The logo stands for good luck and having a great day. I like the background as well because it makes it look even better. Luck inspired me to do this designed flag because luck can be everywhere.

Karekare Auckland beach

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  1. It’s Auckland’s most spectacular beaches and there is wilderness areas.
  2. Swimming people are only to swim between the flags.
  3. In 1993 heaps of people talked about the beautiful black sand.
  4. Karekare has some of New Zealand’s finest painters.

Nz Rangitoto By Land and Sea

  1. Image result for Rangitoto600 Years Ago Rangitoto Island volcano was the youngest in NZ.
  2. Rangitoto neighbour is Motutapu.
  3. Rangitoto Is
  4. land is known for its contrasting rugged lava terrain and abundant native plant life. It has the largest pōhutukawa forest in the world, and is a safe haven for endangered native birds.


Winter Learning Journey Day 1 (Late Post)

This fact is all about inventions that New
Zealanders made. I found out some more incredible inventions that our people made. Like the tranquilliser gun, freezer vacuum pumps and many more. My Favorited one is the Bungy jump because it really test's your fear.

In this fact it is all about Mate-ship and the sport of rugby union. This sport is made by New Zealanders. We have a team called the All Blacks and they are number 1 in the world. Friendship are formed and being loyal to your friends, team mates. This is similar to sportsmanship but sportsmanship mean helping people and caring

                                                                              Here is my final fact that I choose. This fact talks about how Hogi is part of the New Zealand Culture and how the Maori people travelled in the waka or canoe to find New Zealand (AOTEAROA) before the Europeans. The Maori people travelled a really long way to find New Zealand. Now the Maori culture is a part of new Zealand.