Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My designed Flag

In this activity I did I have designed a flag. This is a bonus activity. I like the design of this flag because it looks cool and funky. The logo stands for good luck and having a great day. I like the background as well because it makes it look even better. Luck inspired me to do this designed flag because luck can be everywhere.


  1. Kia ora Zack,

    I think that your flag is definitely cool and funky. It is the first one that I have seen that features a four leaf clover. At first, I wasn't sure what inspired you to include it, however, once I read your description it all made sense! I think that we all need a little bit of luck in our lives and, by putting the clover on the flag, you are gifting every New Zealander a little bit of luck. I think that this is a very inspired and inspirational idea.

    Nice work, Zack. You're really thinking 'outside of the box.' I love it!


  2. Cool flag!! this flag is amazing!


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