Sunday, 10 July 2016

Facts About One Sport

Athletics are very fast and are selected all around the world to race each other and see who's the fastest. Athletic mean fast runners and it's even happens in school when your doing athletics. The aim of the sport is to get pass the line first and come first, seconded and third. One rule is not to drink bad things to make you faster so you can win. Another rule is they if you starts to early two time's they would kick you off the running court.


  1. This is a really fascinating post, Zack. I didn't know that you would be removed from competition if you started early (i.e. had a 'false start') twice in a row. Wow, that is a pretty strict rule. I would be devastated if I was an Olympic athlete who was disqualified for having too many false starts. That would be awful.

    I hope that our New Zealand athletes are able to compete successfully in the Olympics this year and that they place within the top three. It would be amazing if they came first, second or third. That would mean that they would win a medal. Exciting!

    It is also exciting to see that you are well on your way to earning a medal for the Winter Learning Journey programme by blogging so much. Keep up the great work :)


  2. Hi Zack,
    I remember finding out the 'false start' rule the hard way. I was disqualified and sad. I do hope that our athletes are able to do successfully in the Olympics this year.

    I read Rachel's comment, and I do hope that you be like an athlete, and keep going until the end, and win the medal you deserve.

    Keep it up!


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