Saturday, 9 July 2016

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is where the Olympics is gonna be this year. Rio de Janeiro is
were Brazil is and the statue. The statue is called Christ the Redeemer and is a statue of Jesus. The Olympics is there again this year and some of people from New Zealand are going to do Sports and represent New Zealand.  The statue is very special to the people around Rio because Jesus was the person who helped and saved us from the people that were bad.

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  1. Hi Zack,

    I think that the Christ the Redeemer statue is pretty amazing. It is huge! Can you think of other statues or landmarks in New Zealand that are amazing? I think that the Sky Tower is pretty cool...

    In order to earn points for participating in the programme, you will need to list three famous landmarks in New Zealand and provide a big of information about them. What are the three most famous statues/buildings/places in New Zealand, in your opinion? I'd love to know what you think...

    Cheers, Rachel


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