Monday, 28 August 2017

Speech Semi Finals

 On Friday 25th of August we had a speech competition. 3 people from each class got selected to present there speech in front of the team 5. Team 3 also joined as and watch all 15 people do there speeches. There were funny ones some were sad and some were made up. They all made it into the semi final but the best get picked for the final. The students who make it into the final get to present in front of the whole school.
These are the judge's. If you don't know what a judge is. They are the one's who give the points and decide who's makes it and who doesn't. They are Miss's Judd and Miss Tapuke. These are two teacher from room 2 & 4. They used the papers to mark each person's score. They can score you from 1 to 10. 1 is a really low score but 10 is a high and great score.

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  1. Great post Zack! I love the way you explained what a judge is for people who won't know! Which was your favourite speech?


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