Monday, 29 August 2016

HIwi the Kiwi

Mark the founder of Hiwi the Kiwi and his gorgeous wife Chrissy had traveled to Auckland to come see us. Mark and Chrissy travel around New Zealand explaining why we need to be water safety. Hiwi the Kiwi announced that they would be teaching us why we need to keep our areas safe and clean. They had told a lot of schools interesting things about fishing and keeping it clean.

Image result for hiwi the kiwiHiwi the Kiwi are very well known to a origination of New Zealand school children around the New Zealand. With their road show having toured greatly, captivating and uplifting almost tens thousands of children over the past 8 to 10 years. Mark and Chrissy have been married for more than thirty years and have a great relationship. They are very passion about singing and even create their own songs then sing them.

They had sang a song when we were entering the hall and they had told as there names. Most of us found out a lot of interesting things about their lives and what they do around New Zealand school’s. They started another song and they started to make the guitar sounds faster and faster each time. They had started to sing when it got to the max level and his wife showed the moves.

Mark sang a song named save our seabirds or other words S.O.S. Chrissy had taken care of the dance move’s and showed as what to do when Mark sing the song. Some of the parts were very hilarious and also made us laugh while singing. If the bird can’t reach it give yourself a tick cause if the berk birds dives was some of the words. Also or get quite cross wanna catch a snapper on a albatross keep the boat tidy keep the boat clean was also included.`

Mark had advise us to always keep our birds safe by not construction a sea with litter in it. A sea of litter can end up killing more than five hundred fish and birds every year. Seabirds don’t really bother about what is below them and they just dive down and gobble up the scrap. When you are catching fish always have something like a water gun to frighten them. Because if the birds plunge down and take the fish on the hook they will end up getting hooked.

Kaimoana fish for the future was one of the songs that Mark sing to us when we were learning. He had told us that if we catch the big ones to put them back to breed more of fish. If you want to have a fish you must have a ruler to measure it so you can see how long it is. If you catch a small fish you must put it back so it can grow. If you have a perfect size fish use a wet towel to pick it up and put it in bucket with sea ice. After you get home put it in a bucket of seawater so it can be more fresher.

Kaimoana fish from the sea, Kaimoana to feed your family, fish for the future, and there will always be Kaimoana for you and me.

Mark was told us about water safe’s biggest problem that happens every year. People can end up dead if they don’t wear a life jacket because Mark told us a story. The story had 3 men that were speeding down the river and didn’t notice a big piece of log in the water. They had no life jackets on to wear and boom they had gone flying in the air. The men were great swimmers but unfortunately they didn’t make it and they ended up drowning.
Sadly they had to leave because it was almost morning tea and we the year 7 needed to go tech. Mark and Chrissy said their good bye’s and we left to class and got ready for tech. I had a great time watching hiwi the kiwi and getting a poster with a huge sticker for answering one of the questions.

Hiwi, Mark and Chrissy are people that show how to make kindness go viral around the New Zealand. They also taught us about hiwi the kiwi goes fishing and teaches us what is happening to our seas.

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