Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Explanation writing

Greeting to all readers my name is Zackariah. I’m currently attending Point England school. I’m one of the House Captains for Hikianalia. I am the oldest sibling and have 3 younger brothers. I am half Niuean and half Cook Island.

It was that time of the year. School started again!!! I was finally a year 8. Leaders of the school. At the start of the year I was placed in Room 4 home class. We each introduced ourselves to the new students and teacher. My home class teacher was Mrs Judd.
Pt England school is both a Primary and Intermediate. There are 23 or more classes. My team only has 5 classes. Our focus for this term is Musical Madness. Our school is really great at sports, we end up always winning the eastern zone. This year our school won the Aims 7’s. We have won the Aims 7’s twice now. It has been 6 years ever since we put a team in again.

I am apart of Team 5. Team 5 are the leaders of the school. Team 5 is made out of year 7 & 8s. We only have 5 classes. There are 120 or more year 7 or 8 students . Some years 8’s are special leaders. They are Perfects and House Captains. I am one of the House Captains. Team 5 this term is working on making there own music using garageband. There job is to create their song or beats and put it with their animation.
Apparently this is our last year and we will be leaving Pt England to go collage. Being year 8 was great. I experienced what it feels like to be a leader of the school. It feels great and kind of prepares you for collage and what it really feels like to be a leader.

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