Monday, 8 August 2016

Olympic Writing

Writing: The Olympic games are a competition where top athletes compete for their country or nation. Only the top athletes from countries around the world qualify to represent their country. This explanation is going to explain how the Olympics came to be and they changed over time. Back in the Olympics it was all about the gods but now it is all about the sports in the Olympics.

Back when the first Olympics come to be men played the Olympic games naked. Woman were not allowed to watch or play the Olympic sports but now woman can play. The sports they played were Boxing, Chariot Racing and a Foot Race with people wearing a full suit of amour. For the first 13 games the Olympics only did the 200 dash

This year's Olympic games are held at Rio Brazil this year and the Olympic games have just started. The first sport that they had started with was the women's 200 metre sprints. The Olympics games are only to represent your community or nation that's it. People in the Olympic try to cheat and take drugs to make them way better in the sport they are doing. Athletes mostly from Russia take drugs and try cheat the Olympics that's why people don’t let Russian people compete.

If your are competing in the Olympic games you get tested if you had takin drags and make you pee into a small contina. The people that are testing you have to watch you pee because that check if that are peeing or not. For the men you have to pull up your sleeves and show the testers so that know you got no small poll going down your arm. People that have that and the tested don’t see they can use it to fake there pee and go into the Olympics with drugs.

We are going to study everything about the Olympics sports back in the days and now. We are going to learn about all the Olympics sports and watch the Olympic on T.V.

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