Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Revolution tour

Image result for revolution tourTheir are 2 diffident people that will  have your back until the end (1) your mum is one of the best people that you could ever have in your heart no one can replace her she can bring you lift you up and sometime their are bad times in your life. (2) Your Family no one can put you down or bring you back up like they can. Starting off with Reggie. He's like a pro but even better then what he looks like. 3 Things about Reggie 1 he likes to make a lot of jokes I would think that 100% that suits him he's so funny that he made the whole of team 5 laugh as hard as their could.....Second part about Reggie is that he likes to inspire kids to be come what their want when they are older would you like to do the same as him? I would inspiring little kids nothing is better then that....

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