Tuesday, 3 May 2016

immersion Assembly

Today there was a Immersion Assembly because school just started term 2. Term 2 is all about {As I see it} this term is just all about art work. There were 5 teams that did a performer today and the team I liked today was team 5. Team 5 did a waka race and hokulea the green team won the race. My team colour is yellow and the name of the team is Hikianalia and came last place in the waka race. The other team names were Hinemoana and Te Aurere and there colors are blue and red. Team 5 is the best act out of all of them because they did a waka race that I liked and the racers tried to cross the line before each other. The other team I like was team 2 they had did the seasons of the year this term. The seasons were Summer, Autumn, Spring, Winter and Summer again and each class had their own season of the year. There was four teachers that each one focused on 1 season each. The season that they choose was the one there class would work with for the whole term. All of the items from each team was awesome and I can't wait when its term 3. Am looking forward so I get into term 2 this term is gonna be cool.

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