Monday, 23 May 2016

Letter to Miss Berry

Dear Miss Berry

How are you feeling about 2016?
I am looking forward to meeting Miss berry to be my year 7 teacher for 2016.  I  was excited to  be a year 7 student of  miss berrys .  On the first day of school I was so Hype to meet my new teacher for the whole year.  I was  very keen to meet miss  berry and the other students.

Who do you live with at home? What memories do you have on when you were younger?
I lived with my  parents and brother in G.I and have been at Pt england since I was 5 years old I have been waiting for years to be a year 7. I went to the park with my brother and our bikes to have a play. The funny part  was when my brother tried to be a ninja and fall down off the  monkey pole. When I was small I lived in Panmure until I moved to mount wellington and lived there for 4 year. But when we found out there where rats. We moved out of the house and moved down to Glen innes and lived on

I spent my life in Auckland and was born at my Nana’s house in G.I My mum had come from niue island and moved to ellerslie and went to Ellerslie primary school and my dad was born in Auckland and did not like going to school.

What are your hobbies and talents? Tell me about something you are good at
I love to play softball at school or a club. I like to play games and be on technology at home and my favorite game is call of duty black ops 3. I love to listen to music from my chromebook. And I love to bake chocolate things woth my mum so I can learn how to bake.

From Zack

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