Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Catching Flounder

Early this morning 12 students from Team 5 got the chance to go catch Flounder. While they were setting up to catch the Flounder the rest of the school were have a morning assembly outside on the courts.  We started walking over after we had of team 5 assembly. When the whole school arrived Judah, Cameo, Heather and Hendrix were called up to start the Karakia. After we finished the Karakia Mr Burt was explaining to us what we will do when we get there. The morning assembly finished and the year 1 & 2's started walking over to the reserve following them were the rest of the school. When we arrived we saw the 12 students ready to catch the flounder. They had a huge net and some more equipment to help them catch the flounder. We couldn't see the other equipment because we were a far distance away from them. When we stopped we did 2 Waiata's to bless them and show them our support. We only stayed for 4 or 5 minutes and had to walk back. Our school started walking back to school. When we got to school. Team 5 sat in the street and had a few words from the teachers and how they though it was. Some people thought it was great some didn't. It would of been more fun if we stayed longer at the reserve watching them catch the flounder. 

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