Friday, 25 July 2014

my hoilday

guess what I did during the school holidays you will not believe it we went to watched how to train your dragon two it was 3d it mt wellington we where have fun. me and my brothers were so excited that me drop the popcorn and had to have no popcorn. But we were happy because we had lollies to eat. Me and my brothers were asleep because we went to see it at night.

Have you ever been to bowling before? We going to bowling for fun. We took a ride in the bus. It was a blast we all hit 137 points it was all a tie when we were bowling. My mum put in 60$ and got 100 tokens and give 20 by the time we got back we got more than 200 tricks. finally we wait and it come true we went lazier tag but when we finished we got some cool things.

It was 5.00 pm I was feeling bored until my dad turn on the PS4 me and my brothers rush to it. We were playing it for 1 hour it was epic playing one game was fun. Until we had to turn it off and it was borne.

2.00 it the afternoon we went to motet with my family. We went and had fun I was driving a real car and learnt new things about cars. When we went on the train went eat lollies, ice cream' cakes and chips.

Guess where am been to we went to a restaurant and eat food. They made the best food I tasted ever.The best part was when we got pancakes with ice cream on top it was epic.

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