Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Science Experiments + Cooking

The Science Experiments + Cooking
Ch ch ch ch CHANGES

Image result for CookingImage result for ScienceCh ch ch ch CHANGES our last term!!! The terms theme is all about science and cooking and these are well known to many people.  If you don’t know what science is? Science is something that very brainy people try out new things and find out extremely hard things. Everyone knows what cooking is if not cooking is when adults make food and that is called cooking.

Team 1 started off first. Team one’s teachers had came out of the sides and were witches and they had different kind of cooking ingredients. They were flying around the pot on their brooms and putting ingredients every time they passed and we didn’t know what was going to happen. They had stopped and had taking the pot and had put it into a home-made oven and was wondering what was going to happen? They had put it in and they had ended up making a cake!!!

Team 2 was up next. They tested out what can float in the water and they were testing a lot of things and were throwing them into the pool. They did one out a time and saw what can float and what can sink down to the bottom of the pool. After that they went inside and were in the kitchen showing what was solid and liquid. They were using egg as the liquid and ice as solid.

Then after team 2 it was team 3. Team 3 were doing science experiments and the teachers were acting as rashin scientists. They were doing a lot of different experiments and in the video they were using dish washing liquid in a lot of the experiments. Some of them were already well known to a lot of people at school like the coke and mentos one. A lot of them we ones that people didn’t know and were colourful in most of them and mr blake was acting as the rashin scientists.

I was looking forward for team 4’s video!!! They were doing science too! They were doing a TV show called Mythbusters. The Mythbusters are two people that test out old things and new things and test it out to show if it's confirmed or busted. Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin were acting as the Mythbusters and trying out funny things at school. One made me laugh!!! They had did: Do lollies help kids learn and david ended up shaking on the table.LOL

I couldn't wait for our team's theme because the teachers had a choice to do cooking or science for this term's topic. The choices that they had to make were both great choices for the kids because                            they are well known. Mr Wiseman the science nerd and his salve tried or tested different experiments on each teacher. Mrs Tele’a, Miss Berry and Miss Clark were the people getting tested on and they all had funny ones.

This is term is going to be fun and i’m thinking was a great ending for 2016 because there is a lot to this is term. This is probably the best term that I have had out of all the terms that I have gone throw from year 1.

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