Monday, 24 March 2014

why do we use a fork and knife

Do you eat you dinner with your hands every night? I use a knife and fork because it helps me eat. Some think
hard, keep my hand clean and it is good to use manners. And don’t be  embarrassed and  eat like a pig .

 we use a knife and fork so we don’t get drete hands. You will get germs and will get sick if you have germs on your hands. Then you won’t  go to school, rugby ‘ nana house ‘ and  video games because you're sick.

food pieces
When you touch food pieces and eat it.  Then go on a computer you can get sticky hand. Then somebody ely will get it and be sink  go on the keybound.
manners  be good it somebody's  house when  you eat. Eat with a fork‘ knife . And say thank you when your done eating.   

conclusion  I feel happy when i  go to somebody’s house and have a birthday  somewhere and i eat with  a fork and knife

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