Thursday, 7 December 2017

Multi Pyramid

This is my multiplication pyramid that I have done. I have solved the top 2 rows and did it with my friend Tidus. The top 2 rows were the hardest but the lower ones were easy.

Time word problems

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Perspectives and Opinions

This is my presentation that I have been working on and have told a long time
working on it. This was a good piece of work that I have done this term


This is my inference slides and I have been reading at least 3 stories and
solving question. This was a good piece of work they I had to do.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Athletes DAY!!!!

Athletes!!! Last week Friday it was athletes!!! Athletes is always a joyful day for all the students at Pt England. At 9:00 all students from Pt England lined up in their year levels. Year 1 boys & girls to year 8 boys & girls. We opened up athletes day with a pray and moved off to our rotations

The Year 8 headed off to Discs first, we all sat down on the grass and listened to Mr Somerville and told us how to hold the discs. When he finished Mr Somerville said if you want to do it for fun you can go to the left side, if you want to try out for Easton zone you can stay here with me. So most of us went to the left side and 3 or 4 students stayed with Mr Somerville.

Dodge Ball. As each team completed each activity it was time for dodge ball. This was one of my highlights for the day. Hine Moana won each round winning against Hikianalia and Hokule’a. Hine Moana had some great shooters. It was a great game that Hikianalia put up against Hine Moana. Hokule’a won their game against Te Aurere and moved on to the finals against Hine Moana. First it was the losers. Hikianalia and Te Aurere battled it out and Hikianalia. Then it was the final. Hine Moana and Hokule’a battled it out and Hine Moana came out on top.

It was our last activity that we had the 100 metre race. This is one of the main activities for athletes. As everyone lined up behind the starting line one by one they sat down in front or behind a person. I sat down in the first line with 8 other people. Mr Burt was waiting for us to stand up and get ready to race. It had started calling it out. Ready, set, GO!!!!. We took off and sprinted down the track. I ended up coming 3nd behind Lomio, Judah. Also John made it by coming 4th place behind me. This was also one of my favourite highlights of the day and one to remember.

As athletes was coming to an end. It was a day to remember since it was the last time the year 8’s would have athletes for Pt England School. Memories were made as everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun with each other.